Restaurant Food, Beer and Liquor Delivery Service

             GRUB GO-FERS  

Wal-mart nieghborhood market pickup... $10.00 flat rate.

Customers must place their order in 24 hours in advance.

              "Hot shot" orders are the exception.

We accept cash and credit/debit cards right at your door with triple encrypted card processors.

"Large Delivery"

Deliveries requested 24 hours in advance above $200.00 with scheduled delivery time = 10% of total grocery cost.

Tips are not required but are greatly appreciated.

"Standard Delivery"

Deliveries requested 24 hours in advance up to $200.00 with scheduled delivery time  = $20.00

You can call us at 970-589-6345 or Email your request to:


Please include:




Tell us if substitutions are acceptable if we can't find your brand.

"Hot Shot"

Immediate delivery of groceries $50.00 or less = $15.00

Remember when you could get great service at a low price?

We deliver from ANY grocery store in town to ANYWHERE in the grand valley.

Grocery Shopping Service.

Our delivery fees are as follows:

We do not raise the grocery prices, You pay what the store charges. We'll even give you the original store receipt.